About Us

We are a Youth anti-vaping organization dedicated to delivering the facts on the dangers of vaping associated lung toxicity.

The Facts

5 Million Youths(10-24) Currently use Tobacco products and 3.6 Million of the 5 use e-cigarettes

E-Cigarette smoke/aerosol contents are not just “water vapor.” It contains many dangerous chemicals like acrolein(herbicide that can cause irreversible lung damage), diacetyl(chemical linked to to the disease “popcorn lung”), diethylene glycol(Toxic chemical found in antifreeze), and Benzene(A VOC found in car exhausts).

Vapes are made to look indecipherable from candies or household items.

Over the last two years vaping among high school students has increased by 130%

Every 1 in 4 teens have tried a vaping product

The Halt VALT Agreement

The Halt VALT Agreement is a pledge agreed by those who understand the dangers of vaping associated lung toxicity and want to keep their body free from nicotine and other harmful chemicals found in nicotine delivery systems.

To Pledge, click https://fs20.formsite.com/tZd4VP/kfhnkjjt9l/index.html

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